Firm Overview

The Right Strategy

To you, the most important case in the office is yours, and I understand that. If you are charged with a crime, I’m here to help you. Let me investigate your situation, defend your rights, and help secure your future.

I represent people in all different types of circumstances, and each situation is unique. Maybe the allegations are false, maybe the officers violated your rights, or maybe you have other issues that need to be addressed. Anyone can make a mistake and find themselves on the wrong side of law enforcement. Your case may require in depth research, legal motions, skilled negotiation, or a jury trial. You need an attorney who can identify the right approach at the right time to protect your freedoms. I have the experience in all those areas to help you – no matter what direction your case takes.

Criminal Trial Representation

My practice is focused on representing all sorts of people

You can be assured that I have the knowledge and experience both in and out of the courtroom to help you.

at every level of the criminal justice system. I have over ten years of criminal trial experience in courtrooms all across the Florida Panhandle, primarily in Panama City.I am also Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar. That certification is the highest level of specialization and distinction available in Florida; it reflects the highest levels of professional conduct and legal ability.

My experience as a former prosecutor can also work to your advantage. I have a unique insight into how law enforcement builds a case, and how the State prepares to prosecute it. That allows me to better understand the people involved, the specific charges and evidence you will likely face, as well as the court officials who may be involved. Having this background knowledge can be very helpful in evaluating your particular situation and determining how to proceed with your defense.

Criminal Trial Attorney

If you have been arrested, or are under investigation for a criminal charge in Panama City, you need an experienced local attorney who can provide quality legal counsel to represent you and protect you interests. You need somebody to steer you through the process, navigate the local court system, and defend you against the accusations. That is what I do every day – and I can help you too.

If you are charged with a crime, it is incredibly important to have a local criminal trial attorney with the legal knowledge, courtroom experience, and dynamic people skills to handle your unique situation. Whether you live here or were just visiting this area, and whether you are facing a DUI or drug charge, or a violent felony in State or Federal Court, contact my office immediately for a free consultation.

When you have been charged with a crime, the pressure can be overwhelming. You most likely have a great deal at stake, and yet, deciding on an attorney can seem difficult. I have worked hard to establish a good, strong, reputation among our local attorneys, law enforcement, court staff, and judges. I am well respected as an easy to talk to, good, trustworthy, skilled attorney; that type of reputation can be a significant asset to you.

When faced with criminal charges, you need to understand the process, and work with an attorney who you are comfortable with and who can explain your options clearly. You will need to make several well-informed decisions, and I will break those issues down for you, help determine your priorities, in light of your particular circumstances, so you can make the best decisions possible in your case. Whether you need a resolution with discreet negotiation, or a jury trial, I can handle your case with skill and confidence.

When you contact my office you will often speak directly to me. I have earned the highest level of achievement given by the Florida Bar – I am a Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. I will handle your case directly. At this office, I am your attorney; your case will not be handed off to anyone else to ‘work up’ or settle. I handle my cases directly, from start to finish, so that you can achieve the best possible outcome.

I have handled a wide range of criminal cases ranging from minor traffic violations and DUI cases, to homicides, sexual assaults, thefts, robberies, domestic violence, and all types of drug trafficking and firearms offenses at the both the State and Federal level. If your case involves a juvenile, a post-conviction, or a federal matter, there will be substantial differences and nuances of those proceedings that I can help you understand. I am well prepared to answer your questions and defend your case regardless of its seriousness or complexity.

I also work with several Spanish language interpreters in this area. If you need that type of communication assistance, I can help.

As a Panama City native, I understand that many people enjoy coming to the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” for vacation; however, sometimes, even people on vacation get charged with a crime. Many of my clients are in that exact situation. Whether it is a ‘Spring Break’ type disorderly conduct, or a more serious felony allegation, there may be serious consequences that need your attention. Often I can reach a resolution for you that may NOT require you to travel back to Panama City. If you have been arrested while visiting this area, I can help.

Finally, you need to understand that TIME matters. Once you have been arrested, the faster you contact me, the faster I can go to work on your behalf. Sometimes, you may need counsel quickly, and I can make after hours, weekend, or even holiday appearances or appointments if necessary. To protect your rights and your future, call my office; I help people just like you every day.